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Ethan Bach, a visionary in creative technology, metaverse, and XR, leads Alt Ethos,
a design agency known for interactive and immersive experiences using cutting-edge
technologies. With nearly three decades in the industry, Ethan has collaborated with giants
like Google and Red Bull, delivering innovative solutions. A seasoned speaker, he customizes
each talk to resonate with the audience, ensuring inspiration and readiness for the future.
His public speaking engagements include appearances at CODAworx, NMAM, and Amazon Prime’s
Self Made. As a pioneer in the creative technology space, Ethan’s influence
shapes the future of technology. Named among “100 Colorado Creatives 4.0” by Westword
and “Denver Artists to Watch in 2018” by 303 Magazine, Ethan is more than,
a speaker; he’s an experience guiding audiences into the future. For speaking engagements,,
please contact Ethan’s team.

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• Emerging Technology
• Metaverse and Web3
• XR
• Technology and Community
• Experiential Design
• Innovation and Design
• Technology and Culture
• Innovation
• Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• Technology Leadership
• Interactive Art
• Immersive Experiences
• Entrepreneurship
• Transgender Identity

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