In the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, a once-forgotten alley, shadowed and forlorn, lay as a hidden pathway between the city’s bustling parking structure and a lively shopping district. This space, though central, was marred by a sense of insecurity and desolation. In collaboration with Ditesco and the City of Fort Collins, Alt Ethos was summoned to breathe life into this alleyway through the creation of an interactive projected mural, transforming it into a vibrant corridor of art and engagement.

The Challenge: The task was monumental – to craft a permanent interactive mural that would not only attract foot traffic but also encourage people to dwell and explore the retail area, rich with bars, restaurants, and local stores. The design committee, a fusion of all stakeholders, selected Peeta, a world-renowned muralist, whose innovative use of 3D applications aligned perfectly with Alt Ethos’s vision for dynamic projection mapping.

The Solution: By day, Peeta’s mural stands as a radiant testament to creativity, a play of space and dimension that captures the eye. As night descends, Alt Ethos awakens the installation, turning it into a living canvas. Sensors trace the movements of visitors, weaving them into an interactive dance of light and color. The once dark and dreary space now thrives as a focal point, with restaurants extending patios towards the mural and hotels offering premium rooms facing this living artwork. Safety and interaction have blossomed, and the area resonates with life and energy.

Recognition: The transformation has not gone unnoticed. Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell has proclaimed a new holiday celebrating Arts & Technology, a fitting tribute to a project that has redefined a space and created a nexus of art, technology, and community.